Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Challenge 3!

Here are the instructions for challenge 3:

Welcome to Scrappers Online. Some of you may have never visited us before. Yes, we have forums.
 And yes, we have a gallery. But really, what we are all about is learning. We ourselves are
constantly trying to grow as scrappers, and would like to share that journey with others.
 We are trying to collect tutorials for all the different software packages out there,
making us a central location for anyone who wants to learn about scrapping. And we're inclusive,
we have forums for hybrid, paper and stamping too.

So I am sure it will come as no surprise to you then that learning is part of what our challenge is all about.

We would like you to do a layout that includes selective colouring. We have two tutorials here,
Selective Colouring in Photoshop, and Selective Coloring in Paint Shop Pro. Not that you are
required to use these techniques, feel free to selectively colour any way you see fit. Our
requirement is that your layout has a focal photo, and that photo has some selective colouring in it.

We would also like to see some journaling. Scrapbooking is about sharing experiences, and we'd
like to hear a little about those experiences. So we ask that you include some journaling, at
least 20 words worth. And no, captions, titles or dates don't count towards your 20 words.
 Let's have some fun with the journaling, playing with colour to highlight, or using tags
or something to give selective emphasis to your journaling. Just put a selective focus on
a couple of your journaling words in some way. Be creative!

Speaking of dates, we want to see them. Half a century from now, when I'm long gone, I'd
like people be able to look at my layouts and know at least when stuff happened. We've
already covered the "what" with journaling, let's tell the whole story! And not just
typing the date somewhere on the page ... we know you all are closet date element hoarders
out there, lets see some of those fun and funky elements! Show us when the event was,
 when you journaled, share a date or two with us!

All layouts must of course be posted at NDISB challenge #3 gallery, but we ask that you
 also post a copy of your layout here in our ADSR 5 Gallery on our Challenge Wall.

Any questions regarding this challenge can be posted in this thread. We are generally
available from 6 AM EST to 2 AM EST. We will try to monitor the threads at NDISB too,
but our thread here will be the comprehensive list of answers to questions. Hopefully
we've made this clear enough that there won't be too many questions!

Thank you so much for coming to visit us at Scrappers Online, and we hope you find this
leg of the race to be a truly enjoyable learning experience. :-)

As a little check off list.. required parts are:

1. One focal photo with selective coloring
2. 20 or more words of journaling with possible highlights
3. At least one date element!

Here is the layout I completed:

Thanks for looking!

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Challenge 2!

Challenge 2 has been released! Here are the instructions:

Special Note: This is a FAST FORWARD Challenge! The first team to complete this challenge will have the option 
of SKIPPING next week's challenge if they choose!

Welcome to the Guild! We are so excited to be the second stop in this season's race! Here at the Guild our goal 
is to be a source of inspiration and learning in the digi-scrap world. To that end each month we offer an exclusive
 Guild kit as well as our monthly digital publication, The Artisan Notebook(tm). In February our focus has been a 
combination of celebrating Valentine's Day and thinking about, "The Games People Play." Our ADSR challenge combines 
these two ideas with the fact that this is the 5th season of ADSR. One of our regular features in the Artisan 
Notebook(tm) is called, "Recipe for Design." Our talented team of "Design Chefs" use a specific recipe to cook up 
some amazing layouts. Now, we are inviting you into the digi-scrap kitchen to use the following recipe to cook up 
your own unique layout:

Theme: 5 things I LOVE about....(choose a person, topic, idea, etc. Be Creative!)

Title: use a combination of 5 fonts and/or alphas (example: use 2 different fonts and 3 different alphas)
Photos: use 5 photos, one of the photos must have the number 5 in it!
Use 5 different elements of the same type (example: use 5 different flowers or 5 different buttons, etc.)

Season to taste: add ingredients from your digital pantry to make this layout your own!

Here is my layout:

5 Things I Love About Being A Mom

1. Too Many times in my life I have lost someone I love, so I love that I get to give 
and receive unconditional love for as long as I live, everyday. 

2. Life is too serious to not enjoy it, but sometimes life just gets in the way. I love
that my children can find a topic and laugh over it until their eyes are brimming with tears.

3. I love watching my children sleep. Usually this is when I say the wishes that i have for their lives.

4. I love that I will always have someone around me and that I am never alone in this universe.

5. I love that my children looked at me like I was crazy when I asked them for the number 5 photo,
 but then liked the results!

Fonts used: 
Hobo Std
ITC Zapf Chancery
Giddyup Std

Kit Used:
BFF By Amanda Kelleher here

Sunday, February 7, 2010

The Race is Underway!!

We got our first challenge today! was pretty easy considering my partner in crime is my sister :P

here were the rules for the first layout:

1) Your layout is about your partner. Introduce your partner to us. How you do this is entirely up to you. You can interview them, you can send them a questionnaire, you can use 5 words that best describe them, you can journal how you met for this race, or if you've been partners for years, you can make your page about a friendship that started with a crazy internet race and has since turned into so much more. The only rule is, the layout is about your partner and you need to tell us something about them.

2) You must include at least one photo of your partner. Large, small, color, b&w, of their face, back of their head, feet, whatever. But it must be a picture of your partner.

3) You must choose one layout from your partner's gallery and scraplift that as the page design for your layout. Only the placement of items is needed. You don't have to lift the colors, theme, etc. Just the overall placement of papers, elements, title and journaling.

and here is the scrap i lifted from :

and here is the layout i created

the Kit i used was from Crazed Creations called Live, Laugh, Love
it can be found here

Thanks for looking!

Tuesday, February 2, 2010


My sister Amanda and I have joined the Amazing Digi Scrap Race 5….It sounds like it will be a blast! We are team # 186 and we called ourselves the Twizted Sisters, you can check out our race blog here, and this is a quick blinkie Amanda made to match.


Should be a very interesting journey to getting back into the scrapping world and so excited to be working on this project with her!

Sunday, January 31, 2010

A Couple little things I have made

Here is the first layout I have made in FOREVER!! It is of my children Aiden, Desiree and Kiara.

Here is another layout i made of my sister Kristys pregnancy :)

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Slowly coming back...

hi everyone!!

i just wanted to let you all know how sorry i am that i have been MIA for so long...lots of stuff has happened and changed in my life but i will be coming back slowly into the creative field...

as for all the other stuff on this blog i have deleted...starting fresh...hopefully i will get the time and the patience again to create!

I have lost all the items i had on this blog...all my PTU items and freebies..if anyone out there in cyber world has any of my stuff i would truely appreciate it if we could hook up so i could get it agian..